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Let's DoTerra Together

Hello there 🥰 I'm Courtney. It's so very nice to meet everyone! I have been an essential oil user for many years. It began when I had a major medical crisis that I had to overcome, back in 2010, when I needed to find a different approach to recovery. I signed up with doTerra in 2015 and have loved every single minute.

💕 The essential oils are both pure & effective and honestly... they just smell awesome!!😁 I just recently began an my Instagram account because I wanted one location where I could share recipes, blends, specials and other fun essential oil info.

💕If you are curious about essential oils or would like to purchase some, please feel free to send me a message or check out the website via the link in my bio @doTerraWithCourtney

💕I'm so excited to be a part of @JustAroundTheCornerMarket. Thank you for every single Like, Share, Save & Follow. You make a difference and are the reason small businesses like me get to do a Happy Dance each and every day 💃 💖

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