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Jossy’s Jeweled Nails

Hello 👋🏻 I’m Joss & can’t wait to share the wonderful world of ColorStreet with you all!!

❤️I’m a Wife, Regular pioneer & Have a Puppy named Stella🐶
My ColorStreet Journey ~
⭐️ I’ve ALWAYS picked my nails - probably an anxious habit - so they were always short and ugly.
 I always enjoyed getting my nails done but that can get pricey. 
So I tried painting my nails but when you clean houses for a living they chip in 1 DAY!
⭐️ Tried ColorStreet (reluctantly - I’ll explain more on this later 😉) on a whim thinking it wouldn’t work and MAN I PROVED MYSELF WRONG!!
⭐️ After a few months I loved it so much and decided to sell it to feed my Shopping habit 😂
⭐️ And now ColorStreet doesn’t only offer Nail Polish strips but also Nail Care!!! 🤩
I can’t wait to share all this amazing company has to offer 🤗
For any questions during the market send me a DM!
To shop visit my Insta ~ Jossys_Jeweled_Nailz
Or FB VIP group ~ Jossy’s Jeweled Nails VIP
For everyone that joins either page will be entered into a drawing for a free set!!  
So if you add to both 2x the possibility of winning!!!! 😍
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